• Name Poker Face
  • Location International
  • Date of birth Mar 19, 1990
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Report this reporter of the reporter.. :D But seriously guys, who is this Korean from Denial? Any history of him?

Match 9/20/14, 5:05 PM

congratz MI!

Article 2/13/12, 1:08 AM

#22 That made my day. rofl! "Why put your hands on your back????"

Blog 12/5/11, 7:49 PM

sylar sweaty palm hence the tissue?

Article 12/4/11, 5:13 AM

lolz. well, your title is misleading.

Blog 12/4/11, 4:09 AM

tl:dr luck??? ok, so teams must not practice every tournament and just rely on pure luck.

Blog 12/4/11, 3:12 AM

hence, use a MAC. no BSOD.

Article 12/4/11, 1:00 AM

if IG.Y and DK are one level ahead of IG.Z, then with the possible merging of IG.Z and IG.Y, IG will be a level or more ahead of DK.

Article 11/16/11, 1:24 PM
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