Assuming that your team gets to the finals, then you will have to fight against the Ukrainian team??? wtf is this, there will be LB match first between cro-ukr

Article 5/14/11, 12:14 AM

so ggnet attending?

Article 4/25/11, 4:31 PM

poor guys who actually believe this and buy "pro account", they will never get any prize 99,999999%.

Article 4/5/11, 8:33 PM

#OSPL - #MYM guys have rly big problems with #CustomsOffice so they go back home soon and wont attend tournament. #SHITHAPPENS F*CK

Article 4/2/11, 2:47 AM

defdate was 20.2 thought -_________________-

Article 3/1/11, 1:29 PM

so wtf they dont cast todays match?

Article 2/10/11, 5:23 PM

Why Luccianoz on this list? Not sending his team on either WDC or SMM. GOOD SPONSOR [crazy]

Article 1/16/11, 1:54 PM

#5 cool story bro [;)]

Article 1/11/11, 7:54 PM