Worst Furion ever, he could tp navi base and get throne easily, but he tpes to die into 5 navi heroes

Match 6/11/13, 8:37 PM

new meta fail as player go caster, maelk waga light.. well forced to mute tobi+waga games audio

Article 6/6/13, 9:02 PM

group A LGD,Rs groub B VG, Rstars

Article 5/13/13, 2:41 PM

cant wait, looking forward to this much more than TI3 qualifiers

Article 5/13/13, 2:01 PM

greed is good, valvo

Article 5/7/13, 4:03 PM

valve going full retard this year

Article 5/6/13, 11:43 PM

[quote]its a fucking joke, we scrim teams invited and rape them hard from very first scrim and then this happens.. Invite qpad and shit[/quote] cwm twitter mad :D

Article 5/3/13, 1:59 AM

lol no KP, EE cries even harder now. First kicked by current best team in the West then no invite to qualifiers :D

Article 5/3/13, 1:53 AM