• Name J L
  • Location United States
  • Primary game StarCraft

FILM's activity

NesTea is not amused

Article 4/17/13, 7:13 AM

dat Naro Station

Article 4/5/13, 1:54 AM

oh dang

Article 4/4/13, 4:14 AM

Glad to see WC3 holding its own.

Article 3/19/13, 5:36 PM

great competitor/contributor, gg yo

Article 2/9/13, 10:18 PM

dat photo.

Article 9/8/12, 2:28 PM

Believe the hype, TSL4 next.

Article 8/25/12, 5:56 PM

RorO's victory surprised the hell out of me. Hack is no joke.

Article 8/9/12, 7:05 PM
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