Article 11/10/13, 4:59 PM

+1 :D this made my day on the serious note, the fact that there are people complaining about his actions are enough that he should be punished. We can't change other people's perspective about issues regarding religions and how they view it. The more that it happened in a pro event is a legit factor that FD's player should be punished. Since you're playing in the pro scene, there should be limits on how you confront with others, as such to prevent those fans to copy your actions thinking that it was cool or something. They should set an example not just merely playing as pros and enjoying themselves. AFAIK, every sponsor gives you money because of this. You carry our name, you should set an example and make only decent actions aside from winning. Where you live and how much socially-oriented you are doesn't really matter. If you are not offended by this action but it is to others, he should be responsible. Every other people has their own feelings and it happens that one guy in the Muslim commmunity wanted to take action from it. Everybody has rights, even rights to trashtalk, but the Muslim guy has also the right to express his feelings about it. If I was the one being pointed to Scripted's trashtalking, I wouldn't really care and just trashtalk back. But like I said, it happened in a pro league and was evenly streamed. That's what separates it. That's the boundary or limit he should've been aware of. We can call everybody niggas and all fucks in pubs coz it adds as an "entertainment," but in pro leagues considering that it is "formal" just nullifies all those fun-should-be. Thus Scripted actions would still have gone unnoticed, there would be and certainly a time that an article like this would appear. Like what they say, it is only a matter of time before one thing gets corrected. and yeah, atheists are laughing :D

Article 9/21/13, 5:29 AM

shit mace of the chosen

Article 7/28/13, 1:33 AM

bro swap with my venge immortal? :D

Article 7/28/13, 1:32 AM

trade with my abbadon?

Article 7/27/13, 7:41 PM

1. Alliance 2. VP 3. Kaipi

Article 6/1/13, 6:05 PM

the "remember me log in" pls for auto sign in

Article 5/21/13, 4:47 AM

it's kinda ugly

Article 5/17/13, 12:00 PM