• Name Kenj Infinityfine
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Nov 18, 2009
  • Primary game DotA

TrollBoss's activity

just one thing. Don't get involved with Pinoys, or else you'll be in the center of humiliation just like what's going on in this site. saying like "we are the best team participating in NSL 3" with pinoys as next opponents is like getting the our whole nation to hate you just lol

Article 1/25/14, 9:53 PM

I remember how he trashed out Cty whome the SEA fanboys highly boasted about. lol he's like a noob in Jay's Puck. The sad guy switched to LoL now

Match 1/10/14, 2:18 PM


Article 1/9/14, 11:44 AM

Actually Japan has started playing Dota2. They even have tournaments in their local. They have their website where they post matches and scrims. I forgot about the name of the website though. The website is not solely for dota 2. there are LoL, cosplay, and Dragon Nest too.

Article 12/31/13, 12:57 AM

yeah his SF is really sick back in the DotA 1 days with How.kr team

Article 12/4/13, 6:43 AM

calm down. you're cursing for nothing

Article 11/24/13, 10:16 AM

DK had choices. They chose to be beaten by SpG.int coz they think the team is easier to play against in the playoffs than [A]/Fnatic/Liquid. It's not that they want to eliminate Alliance badly. The point is, they want to go the easy way, and SpG.int might be easier on their perspective. DK vs SpG.int was clearly a throw. Even if I was DK, I would do so. -Burning not using his BKB in best ways -DK could've had a better start -if you notice, DK is not playing in their usual play -you can feel an atmosphere that DK is somewhat throwing Well, Alliance could've prevented it by winning their early matches. There's really noone to blame. But, so far, from the general audience's point of view, DK threw the game. It was kinda boring to watch. just saying

Article 11/24/13, 6:33 AM

Lol that's why Team Liquid resulted to 0-3. They're paying for their rude crowd. just saying

Article 11/23/13, 10:55 AM
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