• Name Jowen Avila
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Dec 23, 1992
  • Primary game DotA

dwade2323's activity

hello author. it should be 'whose birthday happens to be today', not 'who's birthday' bec that would mean, 'who has birthday' ;)

Article 11/16/15, 3:09 AM

still lots of love for good ol' Dota.. props to Yaphets! :D

Article 3/1/13, 11:00 AM

PH a couple of years behind in competitive dota.. they dominate SMM when it's not anymore the most prestigious tourney.. still proud of it though.

Article 12/15/12, 2:06 PM

If no CN powerhouse, this will be just like any other GEST i think. increased prize pool would have attracted wider variety of teams.. if PH dominate, it would not be as impressive.. and c'mon, instead of some of my fellow thinking that "iG is scared" THINK AGAIN.. iG is merciful, they don't want to go there and just rape.. ALSO, it can never be because they're focused on DotA 2, only YMT has that reason why he won't join with Orange anymore in DotA tourneys. they still play both dota and dota 2. i think it's because of the prize at stake, not worth their skills. haha

Article 12/11/12, 5:11 PM

it's funny how Pacfic.Ren did not write this kind of article despite him being a fellow Pinoy.. [:P]

Article 12/11/12, 5:18 AM

LGD / DK / TF / FL i want any of them to be included.. [>_<]

Article 11/23/12, 11:32 AM

Learn.Feed.Own! LD , Ayesee , and Godz are my favorite casters evahhh.. but pls don't pair with Pyrion puhleeeezz!!

Article 11/4/12, 1:02 PM

ninjaboogie might be the captain, but 3 of his teammates are from Singaporeans and they play in SG.. anyway, go PH and SEA [^_^]

Article 11/4/12, 3:37 AM
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