Congrats VP. And WP Immunity.

Match 11/2/14, 3:21 PM

Oh, didn't realize that the VP-Polar match was that big.

Article 10/16/14, 2:17 AM

tl;dr translation from their letter of apologies (a mix of facebook message, e-mail and handwritten messages) - They are all admitting succumbing to the temptation of the money and are sorry for it. All are pointing their fingers towards Michael Vallejos, and to Jonathan Radores for some. Two more players were placed under 'preventive suspension' (joven and jotan) are still yet to comment on the issue, and their involvement is still uncertain atm.

Article 10/16/14, 1:47 AM

I beg to differ. I feel that the truth would surface soon, and that there would be very grave punishments. I myself have been exhausting time to coordinate and investigate this shameful incident.

Article 10/15/14, 6:36 AM


Article 10/13/14, 4:39 PM

Looking forward to this one, it was a great event last year. Participating teams are IAP (PH), Joenet (ID), Team Malaysia (MY), MiTH (TH), G7 (MM), Aces (VN), Insidious (SG), Rave or Hot6 (KOR), as well as the winner of the SEA wildcard tournament and the top two teams on the ESGS (PH LAN tournament).

Article 10/4/14, 1:09 PM

I am so sad.

Article 8/17/14, 1:55 PM

Thanks, its fixed now. Sorry about that, having no sleep is getting into me.

Article 7/10/14, 9:13 AM