EG always choke at the end.Retire fear and get a young carry.Btw idk what they were thinking to last pick kunkka in g 3 lol

Article 5/12/18, 6:52 PM

Maybe it's ppd in disguise :D

Article 5/10/18, 5:31 PM

PPD's so salty.Speak once you actually achieve anything major kid.EG would decimate you in qualifiers so then what if you can't qualify cause of him?.BTW why people playing favorites with useless topics on a weak team lol.

Article 4/27/18, 2:34 PM

Why Secret?They aint that good :P OT.PPD just sound salty cause they didn't get invite lol.I lost mass respect for him over the last few years.From best captain to slaty baby.

Article 4/21/18, 8:05 AM

Was a good choice to make misery captain.Still not convinced eg's back but they already on the right track.Still miss Misery's mirana and SF tho xD.

Article 1/21/18, 8:23 AM

So many Mericans joining sea for easy access to major/minors lol

Article 1/16/18, 5:10 PM

Ye EE-Queen cry about puppeh but what he did is worst.EE only play in Sea cause it's easier to qualify for events.Same with some teams in USA.But pretty sure there's a lot of teams in sea even stronger.If EE watched the scene for last few months.Universe aint playing the same as TI 5.His still good but i don't think his top 5 offlaner's at the moment. What happens if they don't make it big?Will Uni run back to EG and Cr1t or Misery will get kicked?Really hope that doesn't happen.Same as what happened when he joined ts.

Article 1/15/18, 9:57 PM

TBH I like Fear but his one of the weakest captains.they lose prior to the draft already.On a plus Side Rtz starting to play a lot more solid.

Article 1/6/18, 10:42 PM