Ryze is not a Nonamer and most of the Blaze's I've seen can actually play quite good ^_-.Gl Shift :)) Btw Can't Wait to See MyM vs Shift 2 ex MyM players vs New MyM. Gonna be a War who gets Storm/Potm/SF Misery or Angel ^^

Article 12/29/10, 7:45 AM

MUCH better than WDC.Atleast they ballenced the teams now.GOGO MyM.Gl to the rest Specially MyM BLAST TeG and Annie.DotA.

Article 12/15/10, 7:39 AM

#30 MyM also on par with Asian teams consider MyM euro only team that can beat DTS. http://www.mymym.com/en/replaycenter.php?game=121&filter=1 Sad that the Captain left for DTS.Wonder who's gonna b captain now.Hope its not dendi his a good player but don't see him captain tho =(.GL in the future dts. [;)]

Article 12/6/10, 4:19 AM

#201 lol that is NOT MyM.Kky dragged MyM down when he played for them. Maelk > Kky (As Captain) Demon & Misery > Angel and Mig and after what MyM did in WDC with standin = remarkable.They have nothing to fear.Check out mymym.com (Now)MyM vs DTS scrim :P.

Article 11/29/10, 9:15 PM

To be honest Azen deserves a better team like MyM or DTS.I never have and nvr will like ppy or kky.Kky played for MyM and messed up there play style and hero line up.They got knocked out of tourneys.Ppy is a Maelk wanna be thats thinks his the best captain there is.Altho i do support them on getting a sponsor tho.gl guys hope u attend SMM. BTW I Believe they can get passed the first stage altho depends on roster.Demon and Misery > kky and Azen :)).

Article 11/18/10, 3:19 PM

The Organizers didn't plan this tourney's line ups right.all the games ppl wait for is not gonna take place.Like for instant DTS and LGD same group from begining?Would b better to split and maybe have a DTS LGD final.Only other 2 teams that can take DTS is either maybe Nv.my Aeon or Nv.cn.Sad sad line up's :( .Hope we get a Nv.cn DTS final atleast.....

Article 11/11/10, 9:22 PM