<- Time Table for upcoming matches According to #41 Guess u can out Draft Maelk?Out Support Pusher.Out Carry Misery or Demon?Or let me guess u can play a better sk than Mania [^_^] .We'll gonna b a good match to watch =).

Article 1/10/11, 4:31 PM

Wo0t DTS vs MyM.Hope MyM can go full push strat bf they get out picked and played.Seppo vs Blast.That's also gonna b 1 awesome hf all.Btw wtf happed with Fearz [crazy] (Overrated)

Article 1/10/11, 1:02 PM

#7 Maelk > Puppey #9 Did u follow dota @ all 2010.....Maelk couldnt go bc of studies.Unlike u he has a real life.....And what about all the other polls 90% asian...That's not bias?Anyways u boring over u :P All in Maelk ofc ^^.Was hard to choose between Artstyle and Maelk.But been a MyM Fan from way back in the days.

Article 1/9/11, 5:25 PM

#25 +1 u got a point.Asians Lives eat shyt dota.Where the normal person have work/study etc.They can afford to host more events.Personally think after 2010.Euro on the same lvl than Asia.Seeing how DTS knocked EHOME and hoew good MyM played with a stand in. #39 Read what the Asians said about euro solo players.They as good as Asians when it comes to solo roles.Just they lack team work.That's from EHOME btw.

Article 1/7/11, 8:49 AM

Would've said Shift bc of the players but TeG Deserves it More.They old school Legendary team that brings some exiting gaming. #189 old DTS > Ehome.Navi also > EHOME.

Article 1/4/11, 5:17 AM

Hard to believe no Pusher :s. Pusher cm and wd > Amazing.His Map awareness and kill making is also great.Don't think Maelk should be on the list tho.He didn't perfor that great bc of inactive etc.Pusher > Maelk in support ^^

Article 1/2/11, 8:45 AM

Box set would be nice meby adding a random Poster.Please Please Please i wannnnaaaaa POSTER!!!! [:P]

Article 1/1/11, 2:37 PM

Sorry won't Vote altho Rank doesnt mean anything.There's some players there that's weaker than other carries.And Chinese Carries = Tutrle game for 60 min.Meby i'll just vote LoH if i have to vote =)

Article 12/29/10, 6:36 PM