Personally i feel teams changing players should be instant dq as the new player doesn't deserve to be there as he did not work for it

Article 12/17/18, 1:54 PM

tbh this is really childish behavior.I live in a racist country....Do i care if they call me white trash.Fk no i couldn't care less.Asian players are racist and nothing happens.But other countries says something and everyone cry.All i can say is fking grow up my gawd this world doesn't revolve arounr you.Build a bridge and get over it.

Article 12/4/18, 11:33 AM

How's this fair towards any other newly formed team or better the teams that didn'thave a change.The org obviously favours ppd's team. Totally bs.

Article 9/18/18, 3:57 PM

haha ye bout what i ment xD

Article 9/3/18, 4:51 PM

i smell dendi is TBD

Article 9/3/18, 4:42 PM

We see this with all pro players.Fear/loda/burning to name a few that's past there prime.Time to hang up the gloves and let the young ones take over.

Article 9/1/18, 7:40 PM

I am hoping LGD can take TI as they deserve a TI.But some tough teams are left EG/Liquid VGJ not sure how strong Secret and OG are they looked mediocre during group stage.

Article 8/21/18, 7:27 AM

EG should've lost game 2 vs mski but eg pulled that game back well.

Article 8/16/18, 9:11 AM