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clariska's activity

Spirit would've won game 3 if they went for rax rather than straight for throne.Hard lesson learned.Rax win games.

Article 6/4/18, 5:59 PM

Didn't expect much from EG after roster change but there drafts are really bad.They did redeem themselves alittle after that horrible lose vs VG but hey hope it works out for the best.After this they will have time to p;rep for TI.

Article 6/2/18, 6:44 PM

Doubt EG will be prepared for this event.Hardly enough time but still siked to see how they do with the new roster.All in all it looks pretty balance cept for group A where TL are favorites.Personally i feel group C will have the best matches.

Article 5/31/18, 6:03 PM

The points system are kinda broken.You can win 2 out of 10 tournaments and still qualify.Really so bad.On another note i would've rooted for optic if ppd wasn\t a salty little biatch over everything.He just think he can bad mouth who he wants reason why eg kicked him in the first place.

Article 5/31/18, 8:18 AM

Not sure how to feel about this.Good thing is we gonna see each player play there respectful roles.S4 can go toe to toe with someone like universe.Sumail will be sumail.What worries me are will they make space for rtz.He can be a beast late game but kinda feels sumails getting all the love these days.Fly and cr1t on support will hbe good for this team.Hoping for the best but not keeping my fingers crossed Btw who will be captain?Fly?

Article 5/29/18, 9:43 AM

People ask Resolution to join EG.Would be a great move but not so sure how that will work with rtz and sumail there.

Article 5/28/18, 9:49 AM

EG always choke at the end.Retire fear and get a young carry.Btw idk what they were thinking to last pick kunkka in g 3 lol

Article 5/12/18, 6:52 PM

Maybe it's ppd in disguise :D

Article 5/10/18, 5:31 PM
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