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  • Date of birth Feb 2, 1986
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carnifex's activity

I like this! If Russians can't pay the full price at once they got the possibility to pay in kinda rates, w/o paying more that the full price would be. Don't see any bad in this.

Article 4/16/10, 10:04 AM

Too bad it's not for Germany, I'd like to have a second key just to say I've got two while too many kids don't have one :P

Article 4/8/10, 11:05 AM

Well, having two tourneys on the same day is bad at all imo, since the top-players might not be able to attend both if they advance far enough.

Article 3/26/10, 4:32 PM

#26 take into consideration for how long blizzard needed to finally come up with sc2 and then think about if you will still be playing pc games when wc4 is out ;)

Article 3/26/10, 3:55 PM

ah #7 thx for info, didnt get that. nontheless go4sc2 got more money involved overall and therefore I still think it was a good step from their view. for sc2 it would be nice to have the tourneys on different days, but as company like the esl is, you dont want too much competition.

Article 3/26/10, 3:53 PM

The ESL was smart enough to schedule the Go4Sc2 cup same time as CraftCup is. Lots of players are attracted by 100eu cash and therefore it's far easier to compete with no-prize-CraftCup than with ZOTAC.

Article 3/26/10, 2:26 PM

#16: "Wc3 micro,macro,strategy Sc: MACROOOOOO+strategy .....without micro ,no suspence.." Did you ever play BW on a higher level? Did you ever watch pro's playing BW? ^^ I doubt you'd say so afterwards. There is quite much micro in BW, though it's not of the kind of micro as it's in WC3. About suspense: WC3 does not have the varity of strategies, different openings and so on as BW has. To me, BW is far more interesting than WC3, where almost always the same strategies are played. But this is everyone's own, so in your case you might be right and so am I aswell :)

Article 3/26/10, 2:23 PM

Well, WC3 became boring to me after max. 1 year of playing. And I for sure did not play as much as XlorD, so maybe he just is a little slow in seeing how things are ;)

Article 3/26/10, 11:41 AM
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