#20 KotL isn't a push-hero, he's a turtling hero

Article 7/26/12, 2:26 PM

if failetz top smth then league is truly shit

Article 7/20/12, 1:32 PM

sorry but Sayuri isn't good. carried by tits

Article 7/17/12, 3:50 PM

Sheever casting - sound off, pants off

Article 7/8/12, 6:19 PM

#13 you have not heard a girl orgasm, have you?

Article 6/28/12, 1:59 PM

#3 also one of the main admins of the event moron

Article 6/16/12, 3:34 PM

DreadiSbaCk gz winner. bet youve been trying to get key long time

Article 6/15/12, 7:20 AM

haha time for all the suckers who didnt get key to pay money, suck on that poor kids!

Article 6/1/12, 4:31 PM