I can't believe ZSMJ alchemist was not mentioned, I think he only lost one game to EH burning

Article 12/30/10, 3:47 AM

sad sad news :(

Article 12/26/10, 8:06 AM

nice work 820. Dota needs more groupies :)

Article 12/10/10, 3:38 PM

Dunno how Euro dota will recover, they just lost the captain to the best team in Europe :(((( Hopefully DTS can remain a great team though maybe still No.1 In Europe. *Sigh* the Irony from NS's interview about the stable roster and the sad state of european dota...

Article 12/6/10, 6:10 AM

originally liked DTS, butt i've lost all respect for artstyle since he threw the aoen game, go LGD SGTY! I really hope pro dota doesn't have any more game-throwing in the group stages.

Article 11/11/10, 1:10 PM