second place i league has been decided boys

Article 11/23/14, 12:35 AM

I'm just glad trash team Na'Vi didn't get an invite because of the combined mass of their fangays. Probably because the majority of their fangays are casuals who don't buy compendium.

Article 11/16/14, 5:15 AM

ez tangos newbee fangays

Match 11/5/14, 3:31 PM

gg VG already won Ti5

Article 11/4/14, 2:18 PM

I think the Na'vi manager definitely deserved his "managerial award" after being able to only invite tier 3 teams so that Na'vi could finally win a tournament.

Article 11/4/14, 8:15 AM

epic thhrows

Match 10/22/14, 12:16 PM

ferrari, please leave iG, your team is wayy too heavy

Match 10/19/14, 4:52 PM

once you go black^

Article 10/11/14, 3:57 AM