chill, Na'Vi aren't good, view things objectively; no hate.

Article 4/21/15, 12:51 PM

I'm glad Na'Vi didn't win because I don't think they're very good

Article 4/20/15, 6:42 AM

gw CSW, drop your best player. Aussie doto fighting

Article 3/25/15, 11:59 AM

ZSMJ for tier 1 carry

Match 12/29/14, 2:13 PM

CSW TI6 champions

Article 12/29/14, 2:01 AM

hyhy was a great player, but after coming back from LoL, we're going to have a LOT of disappointed fans

Article 12/23/14, 10:07 AM

Respect to DDZ

Article 12/17/14, 2:21 PM

FD Mushi?

Article 11/25/14, 2:25 PM