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onmyredeye's activity

So there are way more Canadian players in NA than Americans? lol how does this work? And how about EG? Still NA team??? This is odd.

Article 9/17/16, 8:11 AM

lol sure...Valve's total assets is 2.5 billion US dollars, whereas Alibaba is more than 40 Billions US dollars, I'm sure Alibaba is not going to pay the players 5.5 million...lmao.

Article 3/31/16, 12:30 AM

Wow, GOOD MOVE!!! Finally, replaced Illidan with a decent carry. Illidan has been playing like shit since the start of TI5, VP literarily CARRIED Illidan over the past 6 month, he pretty much sucked in EVERY SINGLE GAME that I watched from the BEGINNING of TI5 groupstage, I don't remember him having a SINGLE good game, endless feeding and retarded team fight positioning, GOD must be so pissed off at him over the past 6 month.

Article 12/2/15, 11:38 PM

That Chinese regional qualifier team, is it Wins Gaming or Wings Gaming? I thought it was Wings instead of Wins.

Article 10/5/15, 11:49 PM

Shaking my head. Someone just like to talk with their asses. Is your head seroulsy full of shit? get some brain please, go look for the official statement.

Article 9/7/15, 12:57 AM

Honestly, S4 tried REALLY REALLY hard to lose game 3 vs VP in TI5, I mean seriously, all other 4 members of Secret played pretty damn good, but S4 man, he just single handedly carried VP to victory. I thought 430 was performing bad in TI5, but after watching S4's play, it made 430 seemed like a top tier mid solo. I mean it is like you failed all of your high school classes in America, straight all Fs, you need to TRY pretty hard to do that, cuz as long as you sit there in class, you'd probably get a better grade than F, let alone getting all Fs in all your classes, a normal dumb motherfucker can't even do that bad, you gotta be SUPER dumb to do that, and plus some.

Article 8/28/15, 8:49 PM

I'm so worried for your IQ, are you stuipd or what? Of course money matters, you sounded like Chinese dota players only cared about money while the western teams don't. Did you even watch Sumil's TI5 player profile? He plays this game just for the money so he can support his family, what is wrong with that? If there is nothing wrong with it, what the fuck is wrong with Chinese players winning the prize??? If you so think EG's players don't give a shit about the money, why don't you let them donate all of their earnings to charity? Dumb fuck.

Article 8/8/15, 5:59 AM

Shittest prediction ever,,,it should be NewBee >MVP VG>Na'Vi VP>Fnatic IG>MVP.Hot6ix Almost entirely opposite from your prediction lmao.

Match 8/2/15, 11:09 PM
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