#11 how do you scout everything when T or P has patrolling units at the edge and they hide their ex. cloaked banshee/ dark templar tech far inside the base? The uppgrade cost some resources, but you also save 100 minerals by not getting your ol killed with the speed. dont think that the delay of the lair is that big

Article 2/10/13, 5:54 PM

pretty fair uppgrade, terran and toss can so easily hide their cheese / tech by just patrolling the perimiter with rine /stalker or sentry and kill of the slow scouting OL before it can see anything, making zergs haft to guess what is happening.

Article 2/9/13, 8:50 AM

you compare a zealot and a roach... and say that the game is imba cause the roach is better....welcome to the world of RTS games after the 90s, where all units are unique and have diffrent abilitys and attacks. go play warcraft 2 if you dont like that. "And oh yeah, Zerg is the only race who gets buildings which can actuallly kill your army AFTER they are destroyed. This is so bullshit that I've actually had it cost me the game sometimes " You must be kidding me? are we playing the same game? your entire army gets wiped out after killing a hatchery? in late game a few colossus make kebab of all thoose critters that comes out in 0.5 secs, OR you can just move away with the army 1 sec before hatchery dies? while reading you complaing about this just makes me realize how totally lame and noob so many of the sc players have become. Terran have 2 big cannons on their CCs that can stand ground against quite a big army while having SCVs repairing, and you complain about some critters that pops out a few secs... "A P player should not have to micro and play 5 times as high APM to beat a Zerg " 5 times? really? when I watch pro reps they all have almost the same APM and sometimes zerg wins, sometimes the other race wins. but what you are saying that a terran/ protoss requires 1000 apm then to beat a 200 apm zerg...

Article 1/26/13, 2:53 PM

all zergs units are imba, now even OLs. LOL when will the whine stop?

Article 1/25/13, 4:59 PM

#4 shame that only 1 zerg ended up in the top 8 so you cant scream " Z OP!!!! " :D

Article 1/21/13, 4:49 PM

so you are saying tha almost 25 units that cost 200 min 100 gas each , takes 40 secs to build, who is very slow and clumsy, acually doing high dmg? thats just sick, I agree with you, nerf it!

Article 12/16/12, 9:04 PM

You are absolutly right, that " red above " is in fact a 2th expansion! and that red above also contains the great number of 2 (!!!) mules at the 2k minerals point, so you cant count that as a income source now can you? And you are right again, I dont know who you are, but I do know that You belong to a ever growing kind if players that are very very lowskilled, who takes losses vs better players as an evidence that the opponents race / units used is imba. I dont know your skill level, but based on the game above you posted, you are poorly skilled and should focus on getting better instead of complaing, a starter should be to keep up with your macro so you dont hit the 2k minerals mark again with only 2 bases...

Article 12/16/12, 7:34 PM

you stacked up 2k minerals with only main and natural, its nearly impossible even if u are a 40 apm beginner, did you go afk for 1 min? let the players who have some skills talk about balance, while you can go and practice your gameplay instead of whining.

Article 12/15/12, 9:04 PM