When he was one of the best, a Little BM was just fun to Watch, but now when he is bad, it was just anoying

Article 5/10/13, 7:01 AM

idra idra....:D

Article 5/9/13, 8:37 PM

#4"some spend more time whining than improving and beating it." oh the irony of Reading you saying this, I dont Think there is one single zerg unit you havent complained about beeing OP? :D why dont you link that youtube clip again were you play TvZ and fail your cheese, then stack up to to 2k minerals only on natural and eventually dies to a 4 base zerg and uses that as evidence that swarmhosts are imba lol

Article 5/4/13, 9:13 AM

good thing to see a Little nerf to muta ling play in ZvZ, was so boring

Article 5/3/13, 4:46 PM

gzz PL

Article 3/10/13, 8:08 PM


Article 3/5/13, 4:35 PM

#1 isnt it fun when all matches isnt huge ball vs huge ball in middle?

Article 2/24/13, 10:48 AM

dont worry, when HOTS realeases all protoss will just 2 base all in vs the zergs and pwn them, with the help of the mothership core. Or maybe go skytoss and have a easy late game win

Article 2/23/13, 7:26 AM