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Crash and burn, disbands before TI4.

Article 2/9/14, 8:24 PM

What an awesome way to humiliate themselves.

Article 1/21/14, 8:12 PM

I cheered for almost every team, just not arrogant teams with arrogant players. Please don't forget your master Loda trash talk-ed about the fountain hook too. There you go butt hurt [A] fanboy, apparently your master whines too. Not happy with the results? Too bad there's nothing you can do about it.

Article 11/24/13, 5:21 AM

[A] fan boy trash talking like their crappy master, Loda. Butthurt? Go complaint to your mom. I'm pretty sure [A] would do the same thing to DK if they had the chance.

Article 11/24/13, 4:59 AM

DK just needs to throw this to shut Alliance off. Denying them the chance to even join the playoffs and increasing DK's chance of winning in the playoffs. I mean, why not? Just throw it and you shut of Alliance. I would love the see the face sir douche Loda if they can't even make it to the playoffs.

Article 11/24/13, 3:48 AM

Owh grow up Loda, no wonder people hates him. He is acting like a lil b*tch trash talking on twitter and stuff. Besides that, faggot Loda is such a hypocrite, he'll apologize for something and then do it again. Arrogant as f*ck. I liked the other [A] members but Loda is just a b*tch and he deserves all those hates. DIE LODA, DIE! Deal with it, Jonathan "BITCH" Berg.

Article 11/23/13, 3:07 PM

hyhy+chuan+ymt+papaxiong+any random kid = Better squad Orange will fall with this new lineup. You heard it hear first.

Article 10/16/13, 2:07 PM

Sk never stood a chance :D

Article 10/14/13, 4:57 PM
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