• Name Golf (Dotatalk|Lytsu) Ratchakitprakarn
  • Location Thailand
  • Primary game DotA
Currently I am Dotatalk's Event head. Contact me at: Email: [email protected] (company) [email protected] (personal) Skype: golf_ratchakitprakarn

Dotatalk.THELAW's activity


Article 7/24/12, 11:55 PM

Zenith is BEATEN!, omg

Article 6/23/12, 11:11 PM

Diddn't Kuroky say something about VP disbanding? if so, i doubt they're attending

Article 6/12/12, 4:59 AM

Wow, definitely the darkhorse, 2-0 ing everyone :D

Article 6/10/12, 2:25 AM

Valve fix it!

Article 6/6/12, 6:34 PM

Aiming abit too high perhaps? xD gl nyways, look forward to scrimming with you

Blog 5/29/12, 5:09 PM

about time, clg is one of the most consistent eu team

Article 5/23/12, 9:03 PM

It Begins!

Article 5/11/12, 1:16 AM
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