GG Secret! I feel that Empire will never win against Secret, but VG, iG can beat Secret anytime. EG wil be weaker than before. We will see in the Summit. I'm predicting Secret will win the Summit then VG, EG and iG in that order.

Article 5/11/15, 1:47 PM

rtz really is throwing the game.

Match 2/8/15, 2:16 PM

PPD really outdrafted PPY in game 1.

Match 2/8/15, 1:40 PM

Secret got pubstomp in game 1. RTZ MVP

Match 2/8/15, 1:21 PM

Enigma didnt even buy Blink Dagger? OMG!

Match 2/8/15, 10:57 AM

update game 2 pls.

Match 2/8/15, 10:08 AM

update pls.

Match 2/8/15, 8:33 AM

VG won. whattagme

Match 2/6/15, 5:19 AM