this guy is so riduculous

Article 2/9/13, 9:13 AM


Article 1/28/13, 6:15 PM

Plz turn the meta to a turtle, go zsmjj

Article 1/10/13, 6:37 AM

what the fuck u wanna ? this is a coverage, u dont wanna spoilers ?! go see the vods.

Article 12/26/12, 8:23 PM

shittt, orange will fail, u will see, and mufc, man ... dat mufc ....

Article 12/19/12, 6:36 AM

whos ww ?

Article 12/19/12, 6:06 AM

fuck navi's and m5's fanboys, i remenber that FM was pwning all and vlat and some teams start to flame about mh, never anyone could tell for sure, BARBABRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE

Article 12/5/12, 7:43 PM

thanks ^^

Article 9/5/12, 9:24 AM