I would kindly like to ask people who were saying Burning is washed out. What do you say now hateres ?:D

Article 4/4/17, 2:11 PM

well god knows i love boys from OG. But as old timer, who is watching dota since EHOME times of original dota, I just want Burning to win this. Nobody deserves it more. Go Burning !

Article 4/4/17, 9:58 AM

Very good team that is. All i am afraid , they will miss a player like fear most.

Article 9/15/16, 10:15 PM

The only player able to play any role at very high lvl. Respect to you fear. and good luck anywhere you go. Also i hope you will be streaming more now :)

Article 9/15/16, 5:04 PM

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW , this is so great ! I am playing dota for like 10 years already, and my belowed warcraft brought me to it. I was never any good in it , nor i was playing it a lot, but i LOVED TO WATCH PROS PLAY. All i need now is GRUBBY THE KING OF ORCS to join, so he can face MOON in the finals :) THANK YOU FOR THIS !

Article 9/3/16, 5:14 AM

Yes i did watch TI you mongoloid retard. DC went to it as tier 2 team. The fact they finished second made them tier 1 team , but they were FAR AWAY from beeing tier 1 team before TI. And no , laws of physics does not apply to you differently than to other people, so no , karma does not exist for anybody. But you would already know that if you not a chimpanzee with a peanut brain :D

Article 8/27/16, 11:23 AM

DC was not tier 1 team too, yet they took second place. Also your retarded karma does not exist. So Moo can fuck you and your ban. Thank you.

Article 8/26/16, 10:43 AM

Bulba :D. Pls just not him ...

Article 8/26/16, 10:42 AM