for the people who dont understand words best carry!!! this is not award for the best lasthiter, this is the best carry. So it include all the aspects not just farm as much gold as you can but it includes more atributes like never make a mistakes, allways be perfest in teambattle and decide it atc.., so if you are voting for the best carry, you have to vote for AAA, because he is clearly the best!

Article 12/30/10, 12:35 AM

why there is just 2 games , where is the rest?

Article 12/8/10, 4:39 PM

#22 retardet. He is not trolling , i read that interview before wdc where they asked him who he thinks is gona win it and he realy said deity before turnament, so pls if you dont know the facts, hide somewhere in the dark and eat you own shits : )

Article 11/14/10, 1:09 AM