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Was not around for some time, what happened to LD ?

Article 2/16/18, 1:06 AM

I will be watching chinese scene once again :)

Article 1/8/18, 9:17 PM

You all fucking suck dicks on predictions. Fuck off with your shitty facebook predictions you retards. Thank you.

Match 11/22/17, 6:18 PM

What on earth are you talkiing about ? What money ? What word ? He is not coming for money, he obviously know he has no chance in winning TI, also he is not coming back as pro player. Apparently he is doint it for fun. This does not change anything on his word of retirement. Or am i missing something ?

Article 6/23/17, 3:02 AM

Well ok. I was not beeing rude idiot to you, i didnt call you names or anything, so i dont rly understand why you regret it. I only wish people would stop usinig that term in wrong context. But yeah, have fun i quess...

Article 4/4/17, 5:04 PM

Thats not how its used as a sport therm tho, at least i never heard anybody used it that way. Good example would be garry neuville talking about Ibrahimovic. 2 years ago, after ibrahimovic had bad season, he said he is washed out as a player. Half year later when Ibrahimovic was by far best player in PSG , commentator asked Garry what he thinks about it. Instead of Garry say: well he was washed out, now he is not , he said well i quess i was wrong, he is not washed out , he just had a bad season.

Article 4/4/17, 4:41 PM

No, i dont want to turn this into discussion about metaphors meaning. Washed out is a term commonly used for esport and sport players too. And even english is not my first language , i do undrstand its meaning and you dont aparently. I give you few examples , lets see if you spot the difference between them and burnings case. Dota world - ArtStyle - WASHED OUT. Once a great player, totaly woshed out now. He lack skills he used to have , which you could see in his plays for past 2 - 3 years. He will never be on the top again , as he " LOST IT" ( no more skill needed to get back on top) Sport world - Wayne Rooney - Washed OUT. Once a great player, washed out now. He lack skills he used to have , which you could see in his plays for past 2 - 3 years. He will never be on the top again , as he " LOST IT" ( no more skill needed to get back on top) Dota world again: Burning - Once a great player, NOT washed out now. He still HAVE skill he used to have, which you could see in his plays for past 2-3 years. He Can still be on top again , as he NEVER LOST IT ! ( still have sill nedded to be get back on top ). See the difference ? I never looked into lexicon for the washed out term, but because im watching tons of sports and esports , i know how the term is used corectly. You are using it wrong, and you should stop it... Oh and to my fanboysm part, i am too old to be a fanboy and to be honest, i am probably bigger fan of Notail and S4, but i am definitely not a fanboy of anybody. Its just when i see idiotic bullshits i have to call it out. Again, you cant be washed out when not wining tournaments and than suddenly NOT be washed out when you win some. It does not work like that...

Article 4/4/17, 4:22 PM

Well i am afraid , it does not work like that and it seems you do not udnerstand what washed out means. Washed out means, you are past your prime , and you cant ever come back to be the best, as you already pased your prime. It does not work like you pointed. When the players is not winning tournaments he is washed out, and when he wins something , he is suddenly NOT washed out. Thats not how it works as i said... Yes , Buring didnt win anything for like 2.5 year, you could say he lost motivation, he is not focused anymore or there was a lack of synergy between him and his teammats in that time but you CANT say he was washed out and now he is not. Its for a reason, he was never actualy playing bad, he never showed lack of skill and its because HE NEVER WAS WASHED OUT. I hope you understand the difference.

Article 4/4/17, 3:09 PM
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