• Name Oberto muhhamend
  • Location China
  • Primary game Poker

34lC1's activity

who the fuck are these guys

Article 1/14/11, 3:45 AM

Warnings Flaming @ 1 month ago Trolling | 2 Weeks Lock @ 1 month ago :D

Blog 12/7/10, 11:26 PM

after going to China he leaves Zhou stop putting traumas on EU and let them win 1 tourney to motivate them

Article 12/5/10, 10:45 PM

imo its not surprising that in 6 lan event (Eu Vs ASIA) it seams like Eu reflexes or the ability to think is slow asians beat them 6-0 in all those events making eu dota scene a joke

Blog 12/5/10, 1:18 PM

finally euros realized they cant win against asians..i expect the same ESWC 2011

Article 11/29/10, 11:48 PM

No Euro = No low leveled pubstomp thanks you aint gonna win anyway

Article 11/27/10, 2:42 PM

somebody fucking send them to Smm so we could kick their ass once again

Article 11/23/10, 12:45 AM

i watched the game of nv.my and hf.. and i must say their carry could farm like fuck

Article 11/20/10, 4:22 PM
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