• Name RJ Abril
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game DotA

lil_jose20's activity

we need another team to make it more interesting.. "unnamed (UN)" team roster: UN.820 (Captain) UN.ZSMJ UN.Yaphets UN.2009 UN.Zhou four carries. one all-around captain. sounds fearsome to me. ;)

Article 11/22/11, 5:00 AM

i hate to admit that the top 4 of china is the top 4 in the world.. im a na'vi, the recently disbanded M5, the all-star GGnet squad, the 2010 ehome and of course the VIRTUS PRO fan still. old VIGOSS would kick Burning's AAAssss. ;)

Article 11/15/11, 4:16 PM

i hate to admit that the top 4 of china is the top 4 in the world.. im a na'vi, the recently disbanded M5, the all-star GGnet squad, the 2010 ehome and of course the

Article 11/15/11, 4:13 PM

if na'vi gets this one, WOW! im looking forward Na'Vi vs DK final. God/Xboct vs Burning.

Article 11/10/11, 2:28 PM

whoa! DTS, NWO, LOST, and MYM should be on different brackets. i want the four of them battle the semis. im going for NWO and LOST! DTS is always strong. MYM so inconsistent. GO kuroky an vigoss!

Article 12/2/10, 2:58 AM

n the Philippines, many Filipinos consider the term "Malay" to refer to the indigenous population of the country as well as the population of neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore. This misconception is due in part to American anthropologists H. Otley Beyer who proposed that the Filipinos were actually Malays who migrated from Malaysia and Indonesia. This idea was in turn propagated by Filipino historians and is still taught in many schools. However, the prevalent consensus among contemporary anthropologists, archaeologists, and linguists actually proposes the reverse; namely that the ancestors of the Austronesian people of Malaysia and Indonesia had originally migrated south and west from the Philippines during the prehistoric period from an origin in Taiwan.

Article 11/30/10, 4:28 AM

i really did google this. lol! ..People.. * Malays (ethnic group), the ethnic group located primarily in the Malay peninsula, and parts of Sumatra and Borneo * Malay race, a racial category encompassing the people of Maritime Southeast Asia and sometimes the Pacific Islands * Malaysian Malays, a constitutionally defined group of Muslim Malaysian citizens * Malays in Singapore * Malay Indonesian, ethnic Malays in Indonesia * Thai Malays, ethnic Malays in Thailand * Sri Lankan Malays, an ethnic group in Sri Lanka of Indonesian ancestry * Cape Malays, an ethnic group or community in South Africa * Cocos Malays, the predominant group ethnic group of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, now part of Australia * Overseas Malays, people of Malay ancestry living outside Malaysia and neighbouring ethnic Malay home areas * Kedahan Malay, the earliest settler in Malay Peninsular and young ancestor to the people of Malay Archipelago

Article 11/30/10, 4:26 AM

to MALAYSIANS AND FILIPINOS, I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU: "The Malay ethnic group is distinct from the concept of a Malay race, which encompasses a wider group of people, including most of Indonesia and the Philippines" to MALAYSIANS: we are not racists. we are just used to shortcuts coz we text a lot. malay for malaysians? that is not being racist. that is not new for us. PEACE! P.S.: Ampatuans, hostage incident- these kind of people exist everywhere in the world. Don't use them against us. to FILIPINOS: Just Play and Have Fun! to SMM: GREAT TOURNAMENT! LET'S DO THIS! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN ASIANS! [;)]

Article 11/30/10, 1:53 AM
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