its time to shine for ph dota.

Article 10/20/10, 3:53 PM

bo1 only is just a crappy reason.. a win is a win, so as of now>ehome. congratz idol yamateh

Article 10/17/10, 5:08 PM

just simply amazing.. go icefrog! go dota 2!

Article 10/14/10, 4:19 PM

malaysia vs. indonesia? who will win?? [spoiler]malaysia[/spoiler]

Article 10/7/10, 5:14 PM

hope one of the ph team will get a slot, so they can experience the international lan tourney.. and they cant complain about lag and delay.

Article 10/6/10, 4:37 PM

easy win for happyfeet

Article 9/26/10, 11:55 AM

hope battlegrounds will win their match against 2 indian teams

Article 9/26/10, 11:54 AM