super lag stream!! disappointed [crazy]

Article 10/31/10, 6:09 AM

shut up blizzard! dota 2 > blizzard dota! whats with that gay name?!! blizzard dota?! yuck!! no originality!! atleast try to think of a new name for your shit game! icefrog > all just think about the sacrifices of icefrog since 6.01. he made this game on the top for free, and i dont recall any thing help from blizzard. whatever the cost of dota 2.. icefrog deserves it. dota clones = trash!!

Article 10/29/10, 3:09 AM

dota 2 > blizzard dota sorry i prefer icefrog than any envious and greedy company

Article 10/28/10, 2:41 PM

mski should disband now. [sky] or they should sponsor happyfeet and make it as their main team. [:D]

Article 10/22/10, 8:11 AM

should air asia needs to continue their sponsoship to mski?

Article 10/22/10, 2:58 AM

i hope other team will be the representative of ph. mski is very inconsistent team, their last game against adg is very disappointing. they couldnt even defeat adg.. so hoping for other team especially happyfeet or xctn.

Article 10/21/10, 5:26 AM

next time bill gates will sponsor!! [;)]

Article 10/20/10, 5:16 PM

i think he is a chinese but his citizenship is filipino..

Article 10/20/10, 4:02 PM