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Group A will be the hardest imo.

Article 7/11/11, 8:39 PM

Replays of these games are up on our replay section!

Article 6/5/11, 9:32 PM

Replays of MC vs Thorzain and MC vs Idra are up in our replay section along with all other matches of pool play.

Article 6/5/11, 7:10 AM

Does that schedule starts at june? Because gom oready announced super tournament starting may 23rd. In this format going up to code s gets harder for code A players. But it is more a comfort for code s players to keep their seed in code s. It will be nice to have a seed for mlg winner.

Article 5/19/11, 2:07 PM

I dont think this is the place for discussing BW vs SC2, this interview is about the upcoming finals of GSL we should be focusing on that. I think Nestea will have his second GSL win. But it is still too early to count inca out. The finals will be very interesting, i cant wait to see.

Article 5/13/11, 3:02 PM

This just makes clear why they made the system in that way. Still we will be missing IM with their extraordinary players from this team league in may :( But they are thinking about having more participants in next GSTLs so i think that is good.

Article 5/13/11, 2:39 PM

They should have used Taldarim Altar and TerminusRe from GSL both are much better maps than all of these imo. Shattered temple is much more balanced than lost temple though, i think it's gonna replace LT in most tournaments.

Article 3/2/11, 4:07 AM

As i can see from that every single race is whining about something that they have no idea how it effects the other races. Some zerg players telling that "protoss has collosus they dont even need amulet", that's just not true because they really need it vs terran and i agree it doesnt effect zvp that much. I started SC2 as protoss player because i was protoss player for many years in BW. But after some time i got angry of the balance and switched to terran for a little while. And i was really much more successful with terran but i stoped playing terran just because i didnt like the gameplay it wasnt enough fun for me. Than i started as zerg, which i thought was much stronger than protoss initially, but in time i learned that assumption was not true. All 3 races has some advantages and disadvantages that u can not see unless u play that race for a certain amount of time. Now i wanna give some opinions about balance changes as someone who played all 3 races: Mothership nerf : Not effecting the balance that much imo, just making the unit MS get lost more than it oready was. Stimpack : Will not effect zvt at all. But will effect tvp greatly. Protoss will not be afraid of early bio rush with stim which was really powerful. Even if everyone had learned how to stop it the existence of it was slowing down protoss tech tree or exp. HT : Will not effect zvp that much. But will effect tvp greatly, imo when terran is doing the push that was a must for protoss to defend and now protoss will be in a lot trouble stoping terran attacks and harrasment. But when protoss was attacking terran base it was too oped to warp ht with storm. Infestors : that not a nerf really, it is more like a change in units function which we can understand if that change is good or bad only after it is used for a while. Bunkers : doesnt effect anything except for tzv early bunker push, and that is only a little.

Article 2/26/11, 2:15 PM
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