• Name J Nar
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Jun 12, 1995
  • Primary game Dota 2
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Ben's Fuck/Friendly Buddies (BFB) was the best lol. They were eventually picked up by Nirvana.int I think. Merlini Fear Demon Puppey Kuroky Azen (good Russian player) and Pajkatt. Note: This team made Pajkatt a good player. This was Pajkatt's first team IIRC. Back then, Pajkatt was the young player so Puppey and Kuroky trained him to be a good carry.

Article 1/22/15, 2:59 PM

^ayyyyy lmao. What happened to CSW?

Article 1/12/15, 1:27 AM

I honesty think Puppey + KuroKy support duo was really good. It wasn't really much appreciated back then at Na'Vi because XBOCT kept spoiling the farm he gets. But now, they have a very good carry player that doesn't throws. What is still a fact about Team Secret is that they don't have the mindset to throw games. They may be always trolling and throwing at their streams, but Arteezy Puppey s4 are some of the most hardcore dedicated players in the competitive scene. Zai is a smart player. He has his own style when he was a position 4 support at EG, combining greedy jungle farm and exceptional clutch plays. I'm sure he just needs his time familiarizing the Offlane role.

Article 1/7/15, 4:25 AM

S O R R Y gaming

Article 12/17/14, 1:21 PM

yoky was a great addition to the squad.

Article 12/17/14, 1:16 PM

hey at least CDEC have a chance this time. With top teams like EG withdrawing from Starladder 11, this may make the playoffs more interesting.

Article 12/14/14, 4:07 PM

gl to all teams

Article 12/14/14, 6:12 AM

And kids, that's why you don't disrespect BurNIng easily. No matter what year, what patch, or whatever teammates, he will always burning your soul.

Article 12/14/14, 12:03 AM
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