Damn that valubet draw percentage

Match 5/29/15, 3:52 PM

was never ez for ice3x, you just lost ur ranking

Match 5/29/15, 3:50 PM

Big thanks to my fellow HoN boys, my 0.15$ became 3.01$, Grats Boys, Heil to Newert

Match 5/26/15, 2:52 AM

so percentage for vega decrease? hihihi nice scheme

Match 5/25/15, 5:38 PM

Under the live streams available, you have valuebet there, then beside valuebet is gosubet

Match 5/25/15, 2:55 PM

Just click the Gosubet tab m8

Match 5/25/15, 2:38 PM

yeah i agree with you on the lack of the match details but i dunno whos Tomoe. Maybe pranjal just got hooked up on some good roasted almonds and then forgot to add the match details jajaja

Article 5/24/15, 6:43 AM

Since ro2 of the lower bracket, the underdog has been winning except for round 4 which is lgd vs my. Don't worry overraters, i'll take good care of your items huehuehue

Match 5/23/15, 3:06 PM