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yeaa, while i agree it was a little bad behave from alliance to keep playing with them for that long, all the drama about it is overrated tho. Is this not what Riot wants with this tournament, to bring the hate between EU and NA to new heights, or is it to silence the forum warriors and relay crown a winner in this ever ongoing forum feud and trash talking players (thinking about crumbz thrash talking EU before worlds as a example. for those of you who didnt see it, he specificly pointed out how bad teleport was mid, i remember EU midlaners showing crumbz it's a solid choice)

Article 12/15/13, 6:53 AM

honestly nip where in some deep shit when extinkt left, they grabbed a high elo and mechanically good player to help the team throu lcs and he did hes job, i just want to point out something in this article, "The team has decided that Mimer has not been playing up to par with other European top laners." dont know if this is gosu gamer's words or NiP's but in my opinion he was never given a fair chance playing the heroes he likes to play and shined with in soloQ wich the commentator often pointed out, he likes them assassins and slippery heroes up top, putting him on yorick is not to put him on a hero he is really comfortable with. hope to see him in lcs again someday.

Article 9/14/13, 2:13 PM

I wouldnt say wildturtle carried tsm, more like tsm got some new wind under the wings after the rooster change, they needed someone who would like to play for hes spot on the team, not someone that took it for granted

Article 4/21/13, 2:38 AM

#4 yes i mean dyrus does not deserve that spot. i figure the games are gone be entertaining but this was more of a popularity contest and not who has preformed the best.

Article 4/18/13, 9:14 PM

#1 total disagree, the only one that deserved the spot on NA team was Xspecial and possibly scarra, i think theyre gona get stomped by every other team. but in the long run it doesent mather who was choosen, #2 is right, china will take this home faar to easy :)

Article 4/18/13, 8:14 PM

where will this game be played anyway ? i can understand him 100% if he has to fly to america or other side of Europe just for a show game, why the hate on this guy from a team who hardly meets the media in person at all. all respect for Diamondprox and hes decision. to draw a picture to all of you who is looking forward for this game, it's gona suck anyway, 5 players (ye with skill for sure) from different teams with different view of the game and different playstyles gona get together for 1 game for our viewing pleasure, i dont see the uniqe plays happen, maby we gona see scarra try sejuani mid again ?! thats where i set the bar for this game. better wait for the good games at LCS or dreamhack or whatever. i said it first remember that ;>

Article 4/5/13, 4:16 PM

ye regi is an asshole but this as from what I've heard has nothing to do with chaox "taking a break", chaox was flaming his team and had a different opinion about the gameplay after the latest LCS week, reasons for Xspecials breakdown in the vlog was chaox, and in some degree his gf breaking up ofc all just rumours on le Internet. Hope Xspecial is getting in better mood, i don't like tsm but he is my favourite support since his dignitas days :D

Article 3/21/13, 3:36 PM

Love to see dignitas beat tsm! GJ

Article 2/15/13, 3:28 PM
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