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ohhh starsboba. talk about the old days. it's actually the team that made me look at natures prophet with respect and, shadow shaman too. flashy and crazy team. yeah i hope vietnam makes a comeback. sad for news like this.

Article 6/2/15, 2:59 PM

how is he being crab when he's trying to clear our name as Filipinos? culturally biased? are you really saying that you are proud of these attitudes of ours? bashing our own Filipino teams when they lose and shouting it to the world, bragging like its our own success when they win? and don't give us that shit that it's normal for Filipinos to bring that trash talk attitude here and that community should respect and accept it cause it's just our culture retard. this is an international site.

Article 5/31/15, 3:54 AM

sorry for this kid. yep most peenoise are like these. can't change them.

Match 3/5/15, 5:01 PM

I don't know if you're trying to be funny or being genuine with your accusation that mineski, the one that uplifted the Ph.E-sports to where it is now is the one behind this 322. I just can't.. just.. *sigh*. study more kid and you would understand. specially "business"

Article 10/16/14, 9:55 AM

true, but excalibur have played with them for some big tournaments. also, the psychological problem should be acceptable if it's as risky as they say. it's not some random roster change

Article 6/27/14, 4:22 AM

dooooooooooom will fall! and the ogres will rise! bruhahahahahaha. anyway. GRABS POPCORNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! :)

Article 6/3/14, 3:48 PM

english pls. and not a chatbox

Article 5/29/14, 5:58 AM

2 games was brutal. specially for arteezy.

Article 4/19/14, 8:24 PM
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