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After over 10 years with BW, SC2 doesn't actually seem that bad. For the Overmind!

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5# Yeah that system they had was also like a punch in the face. To be totaly honest, WCG doesnt deserve to be hosting a Sc2 tournament at all. Thats how bad 2011 was.

Article 6/29/12, 7:27 AM

I think we can live without WCG. The Asphalt winner 2011 was given 40 000 USD while the SC2 2011 winner was given 20 000 USD. WCG was putting too much focus on crappy cellphone games rather than skillbased and popular games like Sc2..world cyber games....really? I guess Sony Ericsson or smth went in with alot of cash to promote their cellphones with that Asphalt thingy? Anyone know how that game could have such a sick prizepool? WCG is outdated and old now. It was a crappy tournament with crappy streams last year.

Article 6/28/12, 6:30 PM

When I think about Nada, July, Forgg etc...I dont think being one of the very best at BW as Jaedong, Flash, Bisu etc will give you any advantage at all while switching over fully to Sc2 compared to the lower tier BW players. It's a diffrent game. Anyone could become the best. The very best Sc2 player for the upcoming 5 years could very likely be a random B teamer or just someone like MVP or DRG or somebody less known playing Sc2 atm. The first season of only Sc2 Proleague will probably be fully GSL-player dominated after the first 2 rounds if they are participating. Like okay... I was a fan of BW players too but Im actually trying to be realistic. Being Flash, Jeadong or Bisu is not a big deal. Alot of B teamers or less skilled BW players will probably beat the shit outta them at the start and it might even continue over time.. Who knows they might never get as good as Code S class? The chance of them failing is obviously there but people keep saying give them time. Give the B-teamers time and they will gain experience too? Give Sc2 Code S players time and they'll gain more experience too...like everybody else will also gain skills while they are gaining skills. [:)]

Article 6/25/12, 7:35 PM

This girl is actually like the only "real" female progamer imo..I think alot agree with that statement. Good for her getting a new team.

Article 6/22/12, 6:20 AM

they must get paid rly well lol

Article 6/15/12, 11:08 AM

I hope there aint any serious prizemoney into this...cuz from what I've seen at the OGN channel they aint even close to Code A lvl..which is sad..even that they are grandmaster they lack basics which is just crazy. They got a very fast reactiontime to drops n such stuff tho as expected wich was fun to see.

Article 5/25/12, 6:15 PM

the last tournament was shit..we could basically skip wcg when we are spoiled with gsl, ipl, mlg, dreamhack, nasl..I remember that they had a 40.000$ firstprize or something silly for a mobile game last time..while Sc2 had less prizemoney..simply stupid. edit: it was Asphalt 6. 40 000 while Sc2 was 20 000 lol

Article 4/28/12, 4:50 AM

apollo, looks 15 yr old guy and tries to sound excited about something in sc2 by whispering. I dont get the whisepering thingy while casting or the hype when it comes to that guy.. [>_<] *facepalm* Incontrol on the other hand is superb! A true entertainer.

Article 4/13/12, 12:35 AM
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