ChuaN and Ymt... hmm lets see :)

Article 12/16/10, 5:11 AM

Simply the best.. [:D]

Article 12/15/10, 12:01 PM

Its okay if Mineski drops the two teams, Team Pag-ibig will be revive since most of the Mineski players are from that team.. [spoiler]Happyfeet + Pag-ibig = AUTOWIN[/spoiler]

Article 12/12/10, 12:27 PM

Damn InsenCe is fvckin good but why the hell he leave? Don't tell me hes tired of being a Support.. pff [>_<]

Article 12/9/10, 4:04 PM

Chinese > World...

Article 12/5/10, 12:31 PM

NR= Happyfeet woot :D

Article 11/30/10, 9:48 AM

Nice analysis, and yea its GG.Heartz from the Philippines. [sky]

Article 11/29/10, 12:28 PM

Yea, Give us the list of the participating teams please. [:)]

Article 11/29/10, 5:58 AM