lol wut [crazy]

Article 5/12/13, 2:40 PM

LGD showing why they deserved to be in the Qualifiers #Kappa

Article 5/10/13, 4:14 PM

gg wp MUFC

Article 5/5/13, 6:03 PM

That would be so dman epic, and of course hope it will be streamed.

Article 5/4/13, 4:37 PM

fcking SAD but looking forward to this changes though.

Article 5/2/13, 5:26 AM

This gonna be good! [crazy] VP = #Kappa

Article 4/29/13, 6:00 PM

this seems legit, looking forward for this team in the future.

Article 4/29/13, 4:58 PM

gg wp liquid seems like they really proved that that TI3 invite really is worth it.

Article 4/29/13, 4:36 PM