EG so bad FailFish.

Match 3/11/15, 4:01 PM

His mom is dead, who cares?

Article 3/11/15, 4:49 AM


Article 3/10/15, 11:42 AM

Typical GG member, always judging players before other games. DK Phobos is a great player , we've seen in VP Polar he did a great job either creating space or in a team fight. Now if Na'vi practices more and actually tries to improve, I can tell they'll be successful especially now with this player.

Article 3/10/15, 11:42 AM

Why are you so pessimistic? It's gonna be an easy 2-0 for Secret.

Match 3/8/15, 9:28 AM

Na'vi died as Puppey and Kuroky left... It's so hard for me to even believe that Na'vi is so bad nowadays, and they were once the best team in the world.

Match 3/4/15, 9:28 PM

Nobody cares about Heroes of the Storm I thought that you guys are true fans of Dota.

Article 2/28/15, 6:37 PM

I'm kinda disappointed by Secret's recent performance, a team of their caliber should not even drop one game against those teams. Sure you can argue over and over on the fact that Empire somehow plays better at this point but srsly I see that Secret didn't improve much and didn't get any lesson from DAC. Because if they did either their execution would've been flawless almost to perfection or their individual plays would be better in any situation, oh and their draft would be more diverse.

Article 2/28/15, 7:15 AM