Yeah let's just make a big deal out of it so people know they're just little kids playing Dota and nothing else...

Article 3/19/15, 11:49 AM

Well I thought LGD will take 2-0 swipe, but seems like they need more practice with xiao8 again as well as with Maybe. I myself have high expectations from this new LGD team or I should call it "almost new", since there are already 3 old members in the team. Anyways, Storm + Lycan in late game is the most annoying shit EVER, add a AA with Ice Blast and it's even worse...

Match 3/18/15, 11:40 AM

Because it's a big organization?

Match 3/14/15, 8:59 AM

God was good too, although he makes so many mistakes in almost every game, he still has a lot of potential. As for other players , Yol and Sedoy were my favorite in VP, just because they are talented and they can always perform very well. I guess now everything is over... but the hopes are still alive. Funn1k is a free agent right now, he can team up with anyone from VP and either make a new team or join VP again.

Article 3/12/15, 4:55 PM

How to win TS? Don't make mistakes when it matters, and play consistent. I could say the same for Secret though.

Match 3/12/15, 4:44 PM

Or if Secret had Rubick again, he could have lifted Tuskar right when the creeps came so he would not Snowball.

Match 3/12/15, 4:43 PM

THis yoky player , please give him a medal.

Match 3/11/15, 11:14 PM

Hao did this happen?

Article 3/11/15, 4:22 PM