Why they didn't choose Fnatic first?

Match 8/7/13, 1:41 AM

ice3x troll lord ( hope he wont troll), but yeah I trust in him still , lol.

Article 8/6/13, 11:19 AM

Alliance really want to go complete massacre over LGD.CN, considering Alliance already knows about LGD.CN , how they play , what they play and they also do know that if LGD gets that opportunity to defend any tower or the 'racks , LGD's 5 man defense is incredibly strong enough to defend but not just defend even turn the tide over Alliance. Even small mistakes by both teams will count for any of 2 or 3 games they'll play , and that would be actually very crucial. All I'll say is GL to both teams, actually to all teams , we'll see great games this year at Main Event, especially for Upper Bracket, but not just Upper but even Lower Bracket.

Article 8/6/13, 11:11 AM

I put my trust in DK from Chinese , on the other side I trust in Alliance and Na'vi. Still I hope for LGD.CN to really make up their minds and drop the bomb on Alliance.

Article 8/6/13, 11:04 AM

Na'vi wants to get rid of Chinese teams... maybe too much hate or are they scared?

Match 8/6/13, 10:54 AM