Just to remind you this was TI3 of 2013 , when AA was captain it was on what year? oh yeah 2011 , there are freaking 2 years difference... many teams learned from their mistakes past those years and also many studied every team how they play , whats their playstyle and so on , like Alliance they came from nowhere with different strategies and thats how they won vs Na'vi. My point here is AA had his time back then , now Puppey is much better Captain for Na'vi in my opinion , because he really outdrafted Alliance in those 2 games that they won.

Article 8/13/13, 6:01 AM

It was Dendi Wisp mid*

Article 8/13/13, 5:14 AM


Article 8/13/13, 5:13 AM

Kick XBOCT get Black^ from mousesports.

Article 8/12/13, 10:10 PM

B-God, very talented individual player, "In Burning We Trust"! Please play Sniper in TI4!!! It's your damn signature hero. Burning is so true about the last match in the Grand Finals Na'vi vs Alliance, Puppey should've picked Anti-Mage for XBOCT and go for split push with illusions from manta style or they could've just insist on pushing even if their enemy was pushing, that could've be a win for Na'vi for sure... but the amount of stress was greater for Na'vi when you know that $1.4 Million is yours after this win its too much...all we have to know is that Na'vi and Alliance are EVEN and they pulled a hell of an LEGENDARY GAME , not one better than other it was just the Split push strategy that Alliance won , nothing special.

Article 8/12/13, 8:23 PM


Article 8/11/13, 9:34 AM

Unless Na'vi fucks off again with their picks ... its just their picks... in 2011 vs EHOME they had the most standard/defensive/offensive/ and also a very controlling lineup. The thing here is that some teams keep up with the old fashion and some not... thats how teams have to learn from their mistakes in their past and try to adapt a new strategy , yet Na'vi tried against Alliance and guess what , they lost because they were just not prepared for Alliance's picks. Also, considering Na'vi is an old team already , its been 3 years they should've expected better teams this year and they should've prepare to face them and their picks. With that said , your statement above is true sir. Kappa

Match 8/11/13, 9:14 AM

All bets on TBD

Match 8/11/13, 9:09 AM