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100% Agree, same for Secret even though they become stubborn with their first picks , they tend to just change it up every time. I really enjoyed these series. Great games all around and amazing performance from Na'vi ! GG WP both teams !

Article 7/26/16, 9:49 AM

The fuck are you saying, Banana was one of the reasons Newbee won TI4. I am sure he still got the game sense in him, yes ofc he can't replace Sep's play style but it might be good or bad for LGD. For now you just gotta hope that LGD even attends TI6 this year, I mean I would be so sad if Director8 and Maybe will not be there. Those 2 players are so clutch worthy to watch that it would be a total disaster if they're not there. Just remember Maybe's plays last year's TI , his SF as well as Storm were amazing despite losing with the hero.

Article 7/26/16, 9:46 AM

LGD , let's go! I am a big fan of Sylar , hope he delivers in this BO3 series. GL both teams!

Match 3/25/15, 11:51 AM

Well EHOME at least took a game off IG, so that shows they have the potential to be a tier1 team as well. I think they only need time and a lot of hard work (like other teams including IG) to succeed, maybe they have to find their own style of playing just like the old EHOME did with X!! on tinker and ganking constantly.

Match 3/25/15, 11:49 AM

Coming back my ass, they'll never beat better teams. We said the same to Na'vi and then they failed after their lucky win here and there. Stop hyping the team, they're washed up, both Na'vi and Alliance won a TI so what does it matter anymore? They still got a title compared to other teams.

Match 3/24/15, 11:35 AM


Article 3/24/15, 12:16 AM

He's for sure mad because he lost his rares not that he cares about C9. Just look how many times he spams on this comment section.

Match 3/23/15, 11:44 AM

So let's flame countries now? I can say that Americans are fat and lazy and this country sucks big time, it's not how you guys imagine it in movies and stuff... it's way way worse. I have no comment about Bulgaria , they're nowhere on this planet anyways.

Article 3/19/15, 11:52 AM
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