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#32 this was definitely not the 1st time ever ice played HoN. 1st time tried to play seriously / against a competitive team maybe, but definitely not the 1st time in the most literal sense. I haven't played HoN in more than a year but even back then I've seen his account on Garena.

Article 11/12/12, 3:24 AM

Lol at the social argument, MOBAs are only social if you pre-queue with friends, public games are where social norms like manners go to die :P

Article 11/10/12, 5:38 PM

Having coloured envolopes for the final 8 was retarded. Effectively Rob decides which group has 2 Koreans.

Article 11/9/12, 2:17 PM

#18 idk though Even setting aside the mystery of what X factor he sees in LoL, that quote from him basically admits that to him, superior gameplay isn't considered a rational, logical reason to include a game over another.

Article 10/27/12, 10:45 PM

That last quote makes no fucking sense. If a hypothetical game A had "vastly superior" gameplay to everything else, what logical, rational reason could there be to deny it other than sentiment or individual preference?

Article 10/27/12, 9:52 PM

So... Terrans basically continue playing like WoL? Battle hellions are still hellions at the end of the day so BO wise nothing different... widowmines would be thrown in but it's not exactly a unit you can build a composition around...

Article 9/20/12, 5:45 AM

Gear eventually comes though, unlike skill which actually means something.

Article 9/3/12, 6:14 PM

#13 If their players catch up in quality, quite possibly. Bear in mind that they provide a 720p stream for free, and OGN has much better production capabilities. I doubt any of those 4 casters would cast for them in the near future though. GOM has basically made Tasteless what he is today, don't see Artosis leaving without him. Not to mention all 4 of them would prolly be casting less international events than when they were in GOM, a prospect they would not be looking forward to.

Article 8/24/12, 4:36 PM
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