Oh look, they are ready to play after 10 minutes. Please be reasonable.

Match 5/23/14, 10:18 PM

Admins do not micromanage matches in-between games. That would be needless amounts of work for little benefit. This is why matches are up days in advance so that you can bet ahead of time. If you care about betting on the matches, do all of them before the LCS starts. They are all scheduled according to the times set at LoLeSports, and we set them as such. Essentially, there is no reason to wait until one game ends to bet on the next game. We've NEVER done it that way just so people can vote in a miniature 5 minute time window. So please, be more responsible with your betting. You are constantly flaming admins, and you have been warned. Next time you are seen doing this, your account will be locked.

Match 5/23/14, 10:15 PM

No they don't. They start in less than 10.

Match 5/23/14, 10:07 PM

The glaring difference is Starcraft players aren't the first to shit on other eSports and go "LOL GET OUT SCRUBS"

Article 5/13/14, 3:38 PM

Pretty cool troll, bro. I always did enjoy Dota elitism. If you think it's hard to micro one character, maybe you should try Starcraft, an actual hard game. :)

Article 5/12/14, 7:42 PM

I'll answer on behalf of LoL -- no one gives a shit. LoL players may be young and immature, but they aren't a cultish, self-centered community like Dota. Most people I know that play LoL but have seen the Dota prize purse think it's really cool and give it a thumbs up. It's great that the prize pool is this huge for all of eSports so others will step it up and it becomes more legitimized. Me personally? I hope we go back to the old passionate niche feel of the old days rather than cock wagging over who has the bigger stadium and prize pool.

Article 5/12/14, 4:38 PM

Meh, fair point. Added. :P

Article 5/8/14, 4:44 AM


Article 5/3/14, 7:48 PM