• Name Felipe D. Santos
  • Location Brazil
  • Date of birth Apr 10, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

reckless's activity

If only I had the money too ><

Article 9/3/12, 8:05 PM

this video is not working for me.

Article 9/3/12, 7:39 PM

I came.

Article 2/19/12, 4:44 PM

request DD and DDC pic together!

Article 1/5/12, 12:09 AM

Playing on Master since the beginning and am still 1 shoting everything [sleepy]

Blog 1/1/12, 8:49 AM

You guys seems so passionate, good luck on your goal!

Blog 12/16/11, 6:10 AM

die_smiling while youre at it please make highlights of this game http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/replays/52807 thanks :D

Article 12/7/11, 10:44 PM

nv.cn made it to finals with stand-in. truly a great team

Article 12/4/11, 8:51 PM
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