• Name Silvio Santos
  • Location Belize
  • Primary game DotA

haaarD's activity

New team consisting of 2 former HCWP players and 3 former Unknown.xiu players: https://twitter.com/DotaDeMoN/status/674363492913168384 New team consisting of some european "rejects": https://twitter.com/PixulDOTA/status/674037451548061696 New team with Yoky + Illidan, apparently you guys have it in your database already: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/teams/13903-elements-pro-gaming, perhaps you should update here as well I reckon these teams are rather irrelevant to the higher skill competitive scenario and are probably temporary, formed just to dodge the transfer deadline, but they might have a shot on open qualifiers.

Article 12/9/15, 3:53 PM

Azarkon was right, Chinese Dota is dead.

Article 11/20/15, 11:44 PM

These group seedings are terrible. EU Group A is insanely stacked, I'd say only Stark is out of competition while Group B has monkey and NiP as clear favorites. And on America qualifiers, Group B is also way easier than A, considering there are 2 open qualifiers teams (3 if you count archon).

Article 10/9/15, 4:18 AM

single elimination is kinda disappointing

Article 9/27/15, 2:29 PM

I can't understand why an organization as big as C9 would pick such an unexperienced team like this. This team has no chance at all on qualifying for a major.

Article 9/1/15, 2:24 PM

God that was painful to watch. Seems like Fnatic will have an easy way to the finals. I hope at least there they could be tested (against MVP.Hot6 probably).

Match 9/1/15, 12:58 PM

rumours are s4 and puppey will join alliance. 7ckngmad then would bench.

Article 8/19/15, 6:10 AM

Start using your brains and stop fucking blaming MMY. He DID make a crucial mistake by overextending himself to kill PPD (the lack of detection was a mistake already) but his death would not allow EG to push high ground. It was Maybe who went carelessly trying to help MMY and ended up not only dying twice but also using BKB and Satanic before the aegis pop'ed out (he'd definitely lose the aegis but could run after he revived). Still, there's nothing to take out of MMY's and Maybe's perfomance on TI. One should not forget that Winter's Curse steal and Maybe made an astounding impression and will carry China's torch on dota with CDEC's players and CTY. GGWP EG, but there's a lot to improve if they want to beat CDEC.

Match 8/8/15, 10:47 PM
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