well.. maix aint soo good.. one in my clan.. that dont play much starcraft anymore.. beated him :P maybe he`S good in 2:2 tho :)

Article 5/16/06, 10:47 AM

hehe :) well i have planned a cw cs gp. and we probaly go cF. vs .cF- too :) well all friendly cw`s will be AFTER bwcl season :p

Article 5/9/06, 11:40 AM

ohh sry .. BOXERN was MY POST MY POST.. i was just in for betting for a friend :P WELL BOXERN`S POST IS MINE :P well not a bm in that post i think.. well i just want more time to train.. and not do tryouts all day :p

Article 5/8/06, 9:45 PM

Det0n8or : its nice clan :) lovely manners :p TNX!

Article 5/7/06, 7:08 PM

the cw vs BWD was pretty nice.. havnt seen reps from all games, but i playd in the 3:3 the first was pwn. lost 2. then third was very good :)

Article 5/7/06, 5:01 PM

well.. we havent lost a clan war in like 6-7 month`s ? :D

Article 5/7/06, 1:51 PM

i can play pgt or wgt sometimes, but, so play for win shit :S

Article 12/7/05, 9:39 AM

im only bm when i loose to a shit noob. and when a terran is setting up a tent and making a fire, maybe making some hot dogs. with simpel words: camp !

Article 11/27/05, 7:01 PM